Original Characters

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Fan Characters


Fandom: My Hero Academia
The 7 year old son of Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro. He isn't too much of a socializer, but he's still a sweet lil' boy who wants to do what's best. His quirk is Electric Jacks (a combination of both his parents' quirks), although he has a hard time controlling it, but he'll get it figured out someday! He loves both of his parents and has a blast hanging out with them. His likes include paranormal stuff, drawing/art, cake, alternative rock, bugs, and 2000's/early 2010's internet culture. His dislikes include bedtime, loud parties, spicy food, bitter food, and crowds.


Fandom: Ducktales 2017
A 27 year old Moonlander who used to live in Tranquility, but now resides in Duckburg. He lives in an apartment with his roommate/very best friend, Zoey, and works as a statiscian in the office. He's really anxious and doesn't like socializing much, but he's a really caring guy when you get to know him, and he's real cautious and responsible as well! His likes include reading, writing, tea, bubble baths, salad, and soft pop music. His dislikes though include parties, being involved in stressful situations, junk food, weather that's too hot or too cold, social interaction (most times), and the horror genre.


Fandom: Ducktales 2017
A 25 year old Moonlander who used to live in Tranquility, but now resides in Duckburg. She lives in an apartment with her roommate/very best friend, Garrus, and works as a statiscian in the office. She's a really outgoing and cheerful gal, but she's pretty naive and immature as well. When you see through her flaws though, she's real sweet! Even though her and Garrus didn't have the best start when they met in university, overtime their friendship developed and they're now the best of friends! Garrus is real thankful to have her as a friend, and he appreciates how she helps him learn to appreciate the lil' things in life! Zoey's likes include parties, fashion, karaoke, learning about the Earth and it's stuff, pop music, and sweets. Her dislikes are negativity, dull colors, bland things, and socks with sandals.

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