Ta da!!! My favorite game in this series so far!!!

I just absolutely love everything about this game!!! A big reason why it's my fav is because I have big nostalgia ties towards it, since my cousin would bring it over when I was little and she'd let me play it!!! Lemme just say, man I loved playing through this whole game again! I absolutely love the story of this game and the characters shined in so many scenes! Not to mention the worlds in this game are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! So many fun and unique ones, and also lemme just a lot of the boss fights in this game ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!! I won't spoil everything, but I'm letting y'all know if you ever wanna try this series, this installment is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!
Favorite World
Also, this world in Kingdom Hearts 2 is where you get my favorite Keyblade of all!